The following is the historical account written by Bill Jacobus, March 6, 1984:

The origin of Troop 5 begins with a most tragic event which occurred 18-months prior to the first pack meeting of the group. In the fall of 1981, members of Cub Scout Pack 5 were shocked by the accidental death of Alex Davidsen, the youngest son of Anita and Art Davidsen. The Davidsen family had been a longstanding pillars of Pack 5. Anita led Den 4, the pride of the Pack. Alex was instantly killed when struck by a van while walking home. The loss was shared by the Pack and has not been forgotten.

The many friends of the Davidson family wanted to express their support and sorrow in some form. Art and Anita requested that donations be given to Second Presbyterian Church for the Cub Scout program. The Cubmaster at that time,  Richard Horowicz, very wisely suggested a broader purpose - Scouting in general. Thus the gifts of these people became the financial endowment for future scouting activities at Second Presbyterian Church - resulting in the birth of Troop 5. At the time, the Church had an active Pack, but no Scout Troop.

In February 1982, a second critical event occurred. A group of 5 or 6 very capable cubs simultaneously graduated into Webelos, and Webelos Den 2 was formed. The leaders were Rick Horowicz and Francis Hogle, assisted by Bill Moore as Den Chief. These boys were the aggressive cream, the leaders of the group. It was clear that is this group were to be kept together, they would form a powerful nucleus for a new Troop. The leadership of the pack was transferred to Bill Jacobus.

The plans for Troop 5 lay dormant for a while.

In the middle of September 1982, the leadership for Troop 5 was recruited and committed. Scoutmaster was Francis Hogle; Assistant Scoutmasters were Rick Horowicz and Bill Moore, an Eagle Scout. The fledgling members of the Troop Committee were Bill Jacobus (Committee Chairperson) and Cheryl Baughman (Church Coordinator, the real boss). Ron and Carol Land (parents of Bill Moore) also joined to provide expertise in several areas. The first meeting of the group occurred in the home of Francis Hogle on October 24, 1982. The registration of leaders, and the application for the charter were the first items of business.

As plans progressed, ideas generated, and a program developed, the novice group was given training by Parkway scout leaders on January 22, 1983. The pieces were now in place - trained leaders and good boys.

On February 4, 1983, Troop 5 held its first official meeting. Charter members were:

  • Matt Baughman
  • Justin Davis
  • Francis Hogle IV
  • Ben Horowicz
  • Joe Robinson
  • Chris von Briesen
  • Andrew Watson

Transfers from Troop 1000:

  • McCurdy Mathias 
  • Andrew Davidsen 

The boys divided themselves into two patrols: the Pedros and the Rams.

The first year of any experiment can be marked with milestones. Such is the case for Troop 5, and approximately five events can be cited:

  1. The First Campout. The first scheduled outdoor adventure for Troop 5 was a weekend campout at Broad Creek Scout Camp. This sounded harmless enough - However, the weekend of February 11-13, 1983, just happened to be the weekend of the worst snow storm in the Baltimore area. In 24 hours, about 22-24 inches of snow fell. But the Scouts of Troop 5 (BE PREPARED) did not let this weather event interfere with their plans. When it was recognized that there would be no school on Friday (at 3 am), the Scoutmaster went to the store and purchased food and chains. The boys left Friday morning, make it to Broad Creek, and had a great time. The reputation of the troop was established! Troop 5 was the only troop at Broad Creek that weekend. Some of the boys even slept in tents. Quite an adventure!
  2. Parkway District First Aid Rally. On March 26, 1983, Troop 5 went to the annual Parkway District First Aid Rally. More than a dozen troops attended, and the range of experience was from rookie (Troop 5) to that of a well-oiled machine. With intelligence and teamwork, Troop 5 took a First Place award.
  3. Scout Summer Camp. The first week-long summer camp was held at Broad Creek during the week of August 21-26, 1983. This was about two weeks after the close of the regular Scout summer camps at Broad Creek, so Troop 5 literally had the place to themselves. The program was organized by the Scoutmaster, and executed with parental aid and assistance. Orienteering and Pioneering were the two major events. From the perspective of this writer, Ted von Briesen's rope machines were an unqualified success. Friday night was capped with a family banquet and Court of Honor. All who attended had a most memorable time.
  4. Parkway District Orienteering Meet. Patapsco State Park was the site of the 1983 Parkway Orienteering meet. On December 2, 1983, 6 of the mighty of Troop 5 participated. True to their spirit and competence,  the Troop placed 7th out of 36 troops participating. The boys did well, ran hard, and learned. Next year, they predict a place in the Top 5.
  5. The Fourth Court of Honor. January 27, 1984 was the 4th scheduled Court of Honor to celebrate the achievements of the boys. It was a special night for another reason, the Year 1 Birthday Party. The progress of the first year was reviewed, and it was clear that Troop 5 moves into its second year with pride and spirit. Go for it!!!

As of February 12, 1984, the following are registered members of Troop 5:

  • Joe Robinson*
  • Chris von Briesen*
  • Francis Hogle*
  • McCurdy Mathias*
  • Andrew Davidsen*
  • Andrew Neely
  • Luke Clippinger
  • Patrick Persons
  • Jim Jacobus

  • Francis Hogle*, Scoutmaster
  • Bill Jacobus, Assistant Scoutmaster
  • Ted von Briesen, Assistant Scoutmaster

* Chartered members

The Legend of the Phoenix: From fire, ashes and death - new life springs forth.

- Bill Jacobus - March 6, 1984

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